Monday, March 16, 2009

Your UnWrapped Gift...

My Feelings.
man, itz crazzy how a situation so crazyy can turn into something good..basically coming from nothing to something and possibly to more. I just don't understand why we cant go back in time and change all this shit around. you were supposed to be with me, thats how i see shit. Of course we laugh the shit off, but we both know its just true shiit..i mean damn, i do my dirt and you do what you must, but just give my heart that chance so i can make your heart heal. a lot of niggas out there wont admit when they met a real woman, treating every bitch like the next. but, hey females do the same shiit..but thats just whats puts a nigga like me,a head of a nigga like you. i can admit my shit..but i truly feel i have a present in my presence and im just waiting for my chance to open my shit up. dont know when it can happen, or if it ever will. but they say a closed mouth never gets fed, well, letz just say im trynna not scared to put myself out there, im just scared of the fact that you might not meet me!! i keep all my feelings in this box, wanting you to unwrap them...I am your unwrapped gift!

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