Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stupid Me...

Today was a day of relaxation for me, a day of thoughts and rejuvenation. I felt like posting something to just let some random shiit off my, why am I the way I am?? Itz kind of crazy to think about it in full depth. Like is there some kind of program chip in our dna that only allows us to be one way, or think one way at certain moments in our life. Like, is there a such thing as people out there being matched to have a communist body.(if that makes sense) Lol..just being 100 percent the same without knowing eachother..I mean, they do say anything is possible. I believe so. Think about it, what if there is someone out there who thinks, talks, walks, just like you..and you have noo clue about it. That just amazes me to think of it. Don't kno about you. Lol..that just means I have to try and b e more different than different.if that makes any sense! Lol...hellp mee outtt!!!

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