Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th. Part Uno.

[Part 1.]O M G. . . .I can surely say that "I", Davion Cervantes Diego, am a believer in friday the Theee crazziesst most FUKED UP DAY! Lol..but yet so funny at the 13th started off pretty early, wit the feeling of morning sickness(due to the fact my birthday was the 12th, so uhmm..turntness was still in the system) the plan was to do a round trip to vegas, I left my hotel room to head on my adventure to the city of sin, with a dreadful hungover feeling..not good. My homeboy lamont, chris nd our homegirl amber came along this trip also.(along with a 2 year old goddaughter)smh..I had class at 1 30 that day, nd was supposed to b at work at 530. Of course I knew class would be out of the question, but makin it to work was the only thing in mind..which means we had exactly 6 hours to get to and from vegas to make it on time...(you do the math). So on our roadtrip to vegas, stomach sickness kicked in with everyone..I have not heard of so many ppl having to take shitts at the same Pullin off the freeway 3-4 times before we made Not good!. Soo, we make it to vegas, already off schedule. (Mission objective: take goddaughter back to her mom, cuz she live s in vegas.) We ended up waiting longer than expected to get back on the road to cali. Remember I had work at 5 30, it was around 3 30 this time. So I had 2 hours to make it back, nd only way that would happen is if I had a fukin So we head on the long roadtrip back, major traffic, accidents, nd of course more shitstops(no pitstops). Smh. It ended up take us longer than expected to reach my l.a destination..itz around 8 p.m. Nd im still going to work, cuz I felt bad for the situation I put terri(friend/manager)in. So I clock in at 8 30p.m nd clocked out at! Lol..but those 30min Were comedy with najee and terri about this snitchass girl who was in our presence...terri goes hard on But, we was determined to get our night going after such a fucked up day..and that's where part two comes in................uh oh!

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