Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UNloving Love. . .

When will it quiit?? I try so hard to stay on my shiit for my parents sake. .but, lately me and my stepdad been clashing. .I mean, just cause my life now isn't like how your was when you were my age, dnt mean you have to try and downsize me. Im sorry, my mom is here's and ur wasn't, im sorry I actually got a chance to meet my pops, im sorry that I have more than you had. But, WTF you want me to do, stop living my life, so you can be happy. .so you can have a little dignity left.. Fuck that, we always talk about being men and shiit, step the FUCK UP THEN, u so bussy thinking you mr. Perfect and got shit figured out..well guess, what nigga? You Not me! Never will be, im on some "don't hate me cuz you aint me" type shiit with you now,, its clear nigga. You lost a lot of respect from me,, but on a good note. .thanks for lookin up to me "POPS".smh. Ill give you some UnLoving Love. .a little bit harsher than tough love. Im on that Unloving shiit..haha.

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