Wednesday, March 25, 2009

UNloving Love. . .

When will it quiit?? I try so hard to stay on my shiit for my parents sake. .but, lately me and my stepdad been clashing. .I mean, just cause my life now isn't like how your was when you were my age, dnt mean you have to try and downsize me. Im sorry, my mom is here's and ur wasn't, im sorry I actually got a chance to meet my pops, im sorry that I have more than you had. But, WTF you want me to do, stop living my life, so you can be happy. .so you can have a little dignity left.. Fuck that, we always talk about being men and shiit, step the FUCK UP THEN, u so bussy thinking you mr. Perfect and got shit figured out..well guess, what nigga? You Not me! Never will be, im on some "don't hate me cuz you aint me" type shiit with you now,, its clear nigga. You lost a lot of respect from me,, but on a good note. .thanks for lookin up to me "POPS".smh. Ill give you some UnLoving Love. .a little bit harsher than tough love. Im on that Unloving shiit..haha.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Your UnWrapped Gift...

My Feelings.
man, itz crazzy how a situation so crazyy can turn into something good..basically coming from nothing to something and possibly to more. I just don't understand why we cant go back in time and change all this shit around. you were supposed to be with me, thats how i see shit. Of course we laugh the shit off, but we both know its just true shiit..i mean damn, i do my dirt and you do what you must, but just give my heart that chance so i can make your heart heal. a lot of niggas out there wont admit when they met a real woman, treating every bitch like the next. but, hey females do the same shiit..but thats just whats puts a nigga like me,a head of a nigga like you. i can admit my shit..but i truly feel i have a present in my presence and im just waiting for my chance to open my shit up. dont know when it can happen, or if it ever will. but they say a closed mouth never gets fed, well, letz just say im trynna not scared to put myself out there, im just scared of the fact that you might not meet me!! i keep all my feelings in this box, wanting you to unwrap them...I am your unwrapped gift!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stupid Me...

Today was a day of relaxation for me, a day of thoughts and rejuvenation. I felt like posting something to just let some random shiit off my, why am I the way I am?? Itz kind of crazy to think about it in full depth. Like is there some kind of program chip in our dna that only allows us to be one way, or think one way at certain moments in our life. Like, is there a such thing as people out there being matched to have a communist body.(if that makes sense) Lol..just being 100 percent the same without knowing eachother..I mean, they do say anything is possible. I believe so. Think about it, what if there is someone out there who thinks, talks, walks, just like you..and you have noo clue about it. That just amazes me to think of it. Don't kno about you. Lol..that just means I have to try and b e more different than different.if that makes any sense! Lol...hellp mee outtt!!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Friday the 13th. [Part 2]

[Part 2.] Sooo, as I was saying, something had to go down this night to take our minds off of all the bullshiit. So, we called up the posse(ryan,domz, lamont,amber, chris) along with najee, terri, and I. We didn't really have a destination, all we knew was that w/e it was, we were gona b turnt doing najee, terri, nd I went our seperate ways until we met up with the posse at domz house.(9 30 ish).....we all meet up at domz ready to go and put this stressful day behind us. So we all decided to just buy another bottle to add with the ones we had prior to the night of my birthday. Okay, soo then we decided to just t.I.u(turn it up) at kenneth hahn park,(trespass)lol. Yikkes!! So we get to the park, and start drinking our sorrows away, and having a good time. Doing what we usually do, make something that's nothing in to something. As more people got intoxicated more thoughts came to our minds. Lol. So we just decided to blast our music and dance it out our systems in the parking lot. A loott of jerkin and rejectin going on between us. Fun fun fun. Lol..but then there was a Big Twist! A car with these bright ass UV headlights was approaching us, and it was who we least expected it to be..the fuckin Police. Haha. So we all just had this look as if the world were comin to an end. Funny shiit. So we try and get in our cars and politely attempt to move, and one officer yells "Stop Moving" of course we so on. So the officer pulls everyone out of the cars one by one and lines us all up around the hood of the car. And starts to frisk us all..okay, so they were an interracial couple of cops. One white cop(looked like a fake ass Vin Diesel), and black cop(looked like a generic ass bernie mac) picture that! True shit. So they make us keep our hands on the hood of they hot ass oven cooking car. With them bright ass heated spotlights they have on the side of their windshields. So in the process of them trying to get our I.d and information from frisking us. It was alloottt of shit talking and vulgar shit happening. Najee Thorton(my hero) spits on the fuking hood of the police car,LMMFAO. The officer catches him in the action and says "did you just spit on my car?", najee replies, in the most sarcastic tone,"No, sir I will never disrespect you like that". Lmao. We gave those cops the hardest time of their lives..more confrontation went on with the 8 vs.2 battle. Lol. The cops were being dickhead fuckers, so we were doing the same shit back. Cracking jokes, still dancing,asking the cops all kinds of stupid questions.(note: 75% of us are fuked up)lol. So as they were running our shit through there lil computer to write our tickets, we were juz having a time of our lives, still standing around the hood of their officer bernie wack and officer vin diesel, cited us all with tickets. After a hour of bullshit, so we all have a court date. YAYY! Family reunion. And imma go to the court room turnt. Who's with me?? Buh after our littel bullshiit ticket, we all just decided to go to dennys and t.I.u some Some stuff I left out..mind boggled right now..but I will update..moral of this story."FUCK THE POLICE". ON SOME NWA TYPE SHIIT......YEE!

Friday the 13th. Part Uno.

[Part 1.]O M G. . . .I can surely say that "I", Davion Cervantes Diego, am a believer in friday the Theee crazziesst most FUKED UP DAY! Lol..but yet so funny at the 13th started off pretty early, wit the feeling of morning sickness(due to the fact my birthday was the 12th, so uhmm..turntness was still in the system) the plan was to do a round trip to vegas, I left my hotel room to head on my adventure to the city of sin, with a dreadful hungover feeling..not good. My homeboy lamont, chris nd our homegirl amber came along this trip also.(along with a 2 year old goddaughter)smh..I had class at 1 30 that day, nd was supposed to b at work at 530. Of course I knew class would be out of the question, but makin it to work was the only thing in mind..which means we had exactly 6 hours to get to and from vegas to make it on time...(you do the math). So on our roadtrip to vegas, stomach sickness kicked in with everyone..I have not heard of so many ppl having to take shitts at the same Pullin off the freeway 3-4 times before we made Not good!. Soo, we make it to vegas, already off schedule. (Mission objective: take goddaughter back to her mom, cuz she live s in vegas.) We ended up waiting longer than expected to get back on the road to cali. Remember I had work at 5 30, it was around 3 30 this time. So I had 2 hours to make it back, nd only way that would happen is if I had a fukin So we head on the long roadtrip back, major traffic, accidents, nd of course more shitstops(no pitstops). Smh. It ended up take us longer than expected to reach my l.a destination..itz around 8 p.m. Nd im still going to work, cuz I felt bad for the situation I put terri(friend/manager)in. So I clock in at 8 30p.m nd clocked out at! Lol..but those 30min Were comedy with najee and terri about this snitchass girl who was in our presence...terri goes hard on But, we was determined to get our night going after such a fucked up day..and that's where part two comes in................uh oh!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

mEet My Mind...

Hey folks,

I can actually say that tomorro is a birthday Im really going to be excited about. I mean 19 isn't really nothing being that im younger than majority of my friends. But for some reason, it makes me smile inside.(no mushy shiit).lol. I guess im just lookin towards the fact that the older "I" get the more mature I become, and more advanced my mindset becomes. I can proudly say I have a group of friends/co-workers that I've grown to love, in the short time that I've been working at that hell hole(HDOS) haha..but, for some reason it feels complete. We come together like lettuce and tomatoes(don't really make sense, but you get it). And Najee, especially haven't forgot about you sir, Im really intrigued on the type of guy you homo. Buh, you are the epitome of a gentleman, I admire you for that, we all know I have my fuked up moments, but heeyyy, who gives a shiit..I kno I don't. I live off the fact of being able to be different in my ways.(even though im convinced that I have a mental problem). I can juz admit Buh uhmm..gettin back on to subject: 19 years of a life, that most ppl won't understand. Mann, I been through some shiit.smh..buh we all have, so what makes me anybetter right?? I have been ssooooooo blessed with a lot of oppurtunities, and also fucked up with a lot of situations. But that's, just what made me the balanced out young man I am today. But this is my first blogg and def. Not my last. Just some stuff I decided to post off top...and HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY TO ME! Yee.