Wednesday, March 11, 2009

mEet My Mind...

Hey folks,

I can actually say that tomorro is a birthday Im really going to be excited about. I mean 19 isn't really nothing being that im younger than majority of my friends. But for some reason, it makes me smile inside.(no mushy shiit).lol. I guess im just lookin towards the fact that the older "I" get the more mature I become, and more advanced my mindset becomes. I can proudly say I have a group of friends/co-workers that I've grown to love, in the short time that I've been working at that hell hole(HDOS) haha..but, for some reason it feels complete. We come together like lettuce and tomatoes(don't really make sense, but you get it). And Najee, especially haven't forgot about you sir, Im really intrigued on the type of guy you homo. Buh, you are the epitome of a gentleman, I admire you for that, we all know I have my fuked up moments, but heeyyy, who gives a shiit..I kno I don't. I live off the fact of being able to be different in my ways.(even though im convinced that I have a mental problem). I can juz admit Buh uhmm..gettin back on to subject: 19 years of a life, that most ppl won't understand. Mann, I been through some shiit.smh..buh we all have, so what makes me anybetter right?? I have been ssooooooo blessed with a lot of oppurtunities, and also fucked up with a lot of situations. But that's, just what made me the balanced out young man I am today. But this is my first blogg and def. Not my last. Just some stuff I decided to post off top...and HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY TO ME! Yee.

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